Serving Santa Barbara and Ventura County


Booking Your Event Rentals
A 30% deposit is require to fully book your event. The rest of balance is due 3 days before your event date.
A credit card is required even if you pay your deposit in cash or check.
Payment options may vary on Event Total Price: Please ask your sales person for details-
Additional Fees may apply when using Debit/Credit card:
Please ask your representative for more information.

In situation of a cancellation ,(25% of total amount )is non refundable, customer must cancel in a timely manner. If customer
cancel's within 2 weeks of event, a (50% of total amount) will be charge. If customer cancels day prior or day of event
customer will be responsible for 100% of total amount.
Please ask your sales person for details-

Invoice Item Adjustments
Quantities of items are recommended to be finalize 3 weeks prior to your event Date.

*Decrease/Remove Items:
You can make changes to your Invoice ( Decrease or remove) up to 2 weeks prior to your event, but changes can not exceed
10% of your total Balance if Balance is under $750, if Balance is above $750 to $2,500.00 changes can not exceed $100.00. If
Balance is above 2,500 Changes can not exceed $150.00.

*Adding Items:
You can add as many items you need up too a day prior to your event or in some cases up to your event date. There is no
extra charge for last minute Items, but availability of items and Delivery Service cannot be guarantee.
Please ask your representative for more info

Delivery and Pick Up
Delivery and Pick up times are only approximate due to traffic and other conditions E-Rentals has no control of.

Customer Self Pick Up and Drop Off
Customer is completely liable when doing self pick up and drop offs of any items; there might be times when only
office staff is available and customer will be responsible for self loading and unloading, unless specify otherwise on contract.
*Please ask your sales person about details and fees if any when requesting loading/unloading staff.
Must present a valid current ID when picking up any items.

Set Up & Tear Down Service
When requesting set-up services from E-Rentals, customer is responsible to schedule a site visit with staff member. If a Site
Visit is not requested by customer- customer is responsible for sending E-Rentals a full detailed lay out of event floor plan.
All Items will be set up according to Diagram or Site Visit Notes- Please make E-Rentals Aware of all items that need to be
set-up. E-Rentals can also set-up items provided by customer or other vendors- requirements and fees have to be discussed
before event date. If Set-up Services are not requested, customer is responsible for self set-up of rentals.

*Tear Down:
At tearing down time- E-Rentals can only begin when guest are fully out and allow staff to begin Tear Down- E-Rentals is not
responsible for picking up any trash from tables or flooring. If E-Rentals staff is delay in beginning time of tear down, staff is
not responsible for not meeting require tear down completion time.
If Tear Down Services are not requested, customer is responsible for self tear down and is require to fold and stack all
chairs as directed by E-Rentals Staff. Additional Rental items will require preparation for pick up as well. Please ask your
representative for more information.

Outdoor Events
E-Rentals Is not responsible for any weather conditions (including Wind- Rain- etc.) that may interfere with staff set up in
any circumstances. For example delay timing of canopy set-ups due to wind conditions and other situations that the wind
or any weather conditions may affect.

Linen Rentals
E-Rentals gives you two options- Self set up and E-Rentals Set up & Tear Down Service. If Self set up is chosen- you are
fully responsible to inspect all linen material for any damages or imperfections, if there is any damages- you are to contact
E-Rentals immediately so E-Rentals can take note of it and or process and exchange of material. If E-Rentals is not contacted
promptly after inspection- customer will be fully responsible for linen material damage/lost fee. After use of linens, customer
is not responsible for any washing; thus, linens should be shaken out and free of any food or debris. Please make sure all linen
is dry before it is placed in any bag or container. If you choose E-Rentals Set Up and Tear Down Service you should be stress
free and let E-Rentals Staff handle it all.

Dance Floors
When renting dance floors make sure that you inspect the dance floor to confirm that it is all complete and has no
damage. If you notice damage please make E-Rentals staff aware. When renting Dance Floors for SAND space- it is
recommended to be very careful - sand can become very slippery. We recommend no food/ beverages at any time on
on the dance floor. E-Rentals Events is not liable for any accidents or damages that occur on Dance Floors.

Terms & Conditions
I understand and accept all terms and conditions of E-Rentals Events to return all
material in good/proper conditions. I understand that if any damage happens to the
material while in my power or use, I accept full responsibility; I accept that in case
the material is damaged or lost, I will pay its full cost. I agree to pay charges for
exceeding time agreed by E-Rentals Events and I sign by common agreement. I
also accept full responsibility in case of an accident involved with E-Rentals Events
material or services and accept agreement that if an accident occurs besides being
fully responsible I will not take any legal action against E-Rentals Events. If the
contract is cancelled deposits will not be refunded, Deposit can be debated if
cancelled in proper manner and adequate time. All material is counted by staff of
E-Rentals when delivered, I receive acceptance of the count of E-Rentals Events. When
E-Rentals Events picks up the material and material is not complete, I agree to pay
the full cost of missing material according to the E-Rentals Events count.
E-Rentals prices are subject to change without prior notice.

*NOTE: Park and Beach area deliveries:
Customer will have to show and provide ID #
Additional Fees May Apply